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Hey beauties,

Did you know:
75 POUNDS of textile goes into the landfills every single minute - in San Francisco alone! 😶 Most people don’t know about these numbers - I didn’t!! - and when we find out about them, it’s hard to understand. How is that even true?! 🥺


What we need is *awareness* and we have to spark it through engaging and *inclusive* conversations! We have to normalize these topics and make it #cooltocare - for everyone! 🌿🙏🏻

A few weeks ago I was invited to an event with @rolemodelsmgmt in SF by @annetheresebengtsson and her intention was to cultivate and have exactly those kinds of conversations. It’s up to all of us to spark the flames of a cultural revolution and to pave the ways for a better world. And like with everything, it starts with awareness and conversations. ✨🌎

A big thank you to for co-hosting this event, to @rockjuiceincfor providing natural and sustainable wines, to @healthade for delicious kombucha and to @itsfromthegardenfor providing us with delicious vegan bites. Also a huge thanks to @tonledesign who had made an incredible art piece from exactly 75 pounds of recycled clothes, giving us all a chance to grasp what those facts I just mentioned actually looks like. Also thank you to the incredible panel of female thought leaders and an audience that was just as inspiring! ❤️ ・・・
Stay tuned for the @sustainableprojectevent with founder @stephaniestimmlerand I. We are in planning mode because we want to continue the #sustainableconversation

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