Clean Beauty Mama

I'm all about nurturing healthy habits in my home and helping others transition, too. Clean beauty isn't just about makeup; it's about building the foundation for a lifetime of radiant skin and healthy choices.

I've ensured that the products we use are free from harsh chemicals, keeping our skin safe and irritation-free. 

Clean beauty means happy skin.

It’s never too early (or late) to learn and implement safer beauty. And let's not forget the importance of eco-friendliness. I love sharing small ways we can make a big impact in preserving our planet.

Why Clean Living?

Cassandra's life took an unexpected turn in 2018 when a medical emergency left her grappling with vision loss, psoriasis, and the torment of synthetic fragrance-triggered flare-ups. Witness her journey as she rises from the ashes, channeling her setback into a groundbreaking show that explores healthier alternatives. Prepare to be inspired as Cassandra unveils a world of beauty that transcends conventional boundaries, forever changing the way we perceive beauty and igniting a revolution in the industry.

The Clean Living Show

with cassandra Mcclure

The First Clean Living Show in the world was started by renowned celebrity makeup artist Cassandra McClure. (Formerly known as the Clean Beauty Show) Since its 2018 debut on iTunes, the series has become the go-to platform for experts, including indie-founders, scientists and doctors leading to a shift in federal regulations that had not been previously changed since 1938. 

Relatable and educational conversations vary from sustainability to start-up advice is catered to a dedicated community of women who want to be healthier and happier. The show offers exclusive in-person events (Clean Beauty Retreat, Forbes) providing consumers with VIP experiences featuring the shows' brands.

listen where ever you get your podcasts:

Lash Binder

inventor of

Lash application is now easier, faster and quicker than ever! Better than any other tool in the world, the Lash Binder™ method will make things so much easier. We refer to Lash Binder™ as "The Lash Tool You'll Ever Need"

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Custom Clean Beauty Kit

Ready to ditch harsh chemicals and switch to safer beauty?

The Clean Beauty Kit™ is a fully customizable box of high-performing lifestyle products. This personalized experience allows you to sample full-size products at a fraction of the price. Every item is vetted and recommended by celebrity makeup artist Cassandra McClure. The luxury boxes are then tailored to skin concerns or specific preferences, such as eco-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, or organic.

Every kit contains gentle yet high-performing items that are woman-led and made in the United States.

The award-winning Clean Beauty Kit is priced at $99 and includes 6-10 items worth $299.

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