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Brand Consulting

By forging strategic partnerships and staying true to your brand identity, Cassandra unlocks your boundless potential! Collaborating closely with forward-thinking organic and biotech founders, she catapults brands into trusted Clean Beauty sources.

Bid farewell to the solo-business owner and influencer status and embrace your transformation into a connected, empowered powerhouse under Cassandra's guidance!

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Join the Clean Living Founder's Collective!

The hottest and most impactful membership community in the game. Our mission is rooted in creating a supportive ecosystem for female founders in the clean, sustainable beauty, home, living industry. Providing opportunities and visibility needed to thrive with special access to Clean Living Magazine, members only exclusive events, high-level group calls and so much more!

Are you ready to take your clean beauty startup to the next level while making a meaningful impact?  

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“Cassandra attends to every detail and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is a joy to work with and has built an amazing community of clean beauty influencers. We thoroughly enjoy our time working with Cassandra and she is an amazing asset to our Innersense team.”


Everything she touches turns to gold

"My vision at Immunocologie and Cassandra's are so aligned with making all beauty clean so collaborating with her on this mission now will help so many. So happy to be here. Thank you!"


“Cassandra, you are such a great partner and surround yourself with such wonderful people that love and support you. Everyone at Juice Beauty admires your leadership in the Clean Beauty movement … and you do it with such style and beauty!”


Make-Up Artistry

Cassandra McClure is a clean beauty advocate, working to increase the use of sustainable and healthy cosmetics, based in Palo Alto, California. She has worked in the beauty and cosmetic industries for over 15 years, as a model, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. She has a Masters in High Definition Makeup from the MKC Beauty Academy.

Clean Beauty Events with Cassandra McClure

Cassandra McClure

speaker, host & Clean beauty expert


The way your audience experiences your brand is paramount! Now, more than ever, it's crucial to step away from the digital realm and engage at in-person events. When was the last time you pampered your customers or treated your team to an off-site experience? Cassandra has over a decade of experience in event production. From brand activations and mixers to launch parties, VIP experiences, and creator events at luxury venues, our team collaborates to create an experience that will be reminisced about!

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Lash Binder

inventor of

Lash application is now easier, faster and quicker than ever! Better than any other tool in the world, the Lash Binder™ method will make things so much easier. We refer to Lash Binder™ as "The Lash Tool You'll Ever Need"

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