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Cassandra McClure and her clients have been featured in publications including Forbes, Yahoo, and more for their clean beauty successes.

Top 10 Tips For Succeeding With Your Own Clean Beauty Brand

As she worked with the clean beauty industry, Cassandra McClure recognized the need for guidance among founders. “As a creator, show host, and makeup artist, I witnessed the challenges they faced, and it inspired me to step into the role of a strategist and advisor,” she says. She has since worked with over 200 founders. “I won’t stop​ until all beauty is clean beauty.” 

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Founder of Juice Beauty, Karen Behnke

clean beauty brand SUCCESSES

Cover & Interview of RHM Magazine

The name Juice Beauty reflects our commitment to using an organic botanical juice base in our products. Starting with an antioxidant-rich organic juice base and adding powerful plant-based ingredients ensures each drop feeds your skin without dilution or fillers. The name embodies our dedication to clean, clinically validated skincare.

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Our Founders on Covers!

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Client Spotlight

Golden Glow

Named RHM Magazine's Trending Beauty. Golden Glow is owned and operated by San Francisco spray artists, Catherine and Eileen, who also happen to be a mother-daughter team. Professionally trained by Isabel Alyssa, a celebrity spray tan artist for Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, and more, Eileen and Catherine are dedicated to perfecting the art of sunless tanning with an emphasis on color matching and consistency. In addition to technical skill, Golden Glow clients can expect to experience exceptional care and a personal approach.

Vegan Women Summit 2024 Highlights

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Catch the highlights of the Vegan Women Summit 2024 in Hollywood. The Clean Living Collective showed up and showed out! With our booth highlighting our founder's, our brands, and a focus on outreach the VWS was a great success! Check out the video to see the Collective in action!

The Conscious Beauty Collective Expands through Innovative Pop-Ins in Brooklyn, Miami and Palm Springs

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The ​​Conscious Beauty Collective is a group of conscious beauty & wellness brands led by haircare brand MASAMI. [Founder Collective Member!] The CBC launched in 2022 in San Francisco’s Stonestown. “While we love having our own pop-up store, the idea of extending our reach even further through retail partnerships is alluring,” said Lynn Power, Founder of MASAMI 

Empowering Insights from the Vegan Women Summit

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Fellow attendee and speaker, Cassandra McClure, founder of The Clean Beauty Founders Collective and The Clean Beauty Show, beautifully emphasized the importance of empowerment, community, and connection. Cassandra's amazing work showcases how creating supportive networks can lead to significant progress in any field...

The Collective

"Empowering Women in Clean Beauty: Cassandra McClure Launches the Clean Beauty Collective Program"

clean beauty founders collective making headlines!

"In a forward-thinking move, Cassandra McClure introduces the Clean Beauty Collective – a transformative initiative aimed at connecting and empowering female founders in the clean and sustainable beauty industry. More than just a program, it’s a community, a support system, and a platform to foster lasting connections.

In today’s culture, female founders in the clean beauty sector often struggle with limited resources, a lack of tailored support, and navigating the complexities of effective networking. The Clean Beauty Founder Collective aims to bridge these gaps, offering a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond traditional networking".

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 “Sephora Collection offers an extensive range of high-quality products that often go unnoticed due to the overwhelming presence of high-profile luxury brands in Sephora stores,” explains makeup artist Cassandra McClure.

9 Best Sephora Collection Makeup Products, According to a Celebrity Makeup Artist

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If you're in need of a sweat-proof foundation, Cassandra McClure, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Clean Beauty Collective, recommends an option from Ilia...

11 Best Sweat-proof makeup items, Beauty Experts say

Makeup Bests According to Cassandra

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I didn't have the connections, I built them.

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Cassandra McClure is a clean beauty brand strategist and business consultant for female entrepreneurs featured in Forbes, CBS, Fox News and Yahoo! She’s a natural ally for women redefining their presence in the industry. By forging strategic partnerships and staying true to your brand identity, she unlocks your boundless potential.


Four Fearless Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Revolutionizing Clean Beauty

Named One of Forbe's 

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11 Best Eyeshadows for Mature Skin, According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

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Cassandra McClure, celebrity MUA who has worked on Susan David, Priyanka Naik and Kylin Kalani shares, "Neutral shades such as beiges, soft browns, and muted mauves are generally recommended for older skin. These colors...