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“Cassandra attends to every detail and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is a joy to work with and has built an amazing community of clean beauty influencers. We thoroughly enjoy our time working with Cassandra and she is an amazing asset to our Innersense team.”


Everything she touches turns to gold

"My vision at Immunocologie and Cassandra's are so aligned with making all beauty clean so collaborating with her on this mission now will help so many. So happy to be here. Thank you!"


“Cassandra, you are such a great partner and surround yourself with such wonderful people that love and support you. Everyone at Juice Beauty admires your leadership in the Clean Beauty movement … and you do it with such style and beauty!”


empowerment, community, connection

This Collective is everything I wish I had when I entered the industry..

At the Clean Living Founder Collective, we empower women through a thriving community of business connections. Our supportive ecosystem for female founders amplifies their mission in the clean and sustainable living industry through organic PR and media placement.

We offer a comprehensive strategy proven to connect female founders with each-other and provide access to PR experts, mentors, & resources to help businesses thrive.

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"Empowering Women in Clean Beauty: Cassandra McClure Launches the Clean Beauty Collective Program"

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"In a forward-thinking move, Cassandra McClure introduces the Clean Beauty Collective – a transformative initiative aimed at connecting and empowering female founders in the clean and sustainable beauty industry. More than just a program, it’s a community, a support system, and a platform to foster lasting connections.

In today’s culture, female founders in the clean beauty sector often struggle with limited resources, a lack of tailored support, and navigating the complexities of effective networking. The Clean Beauty Founder Collective aims to bridge these gaps, offering a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond traditional networking".

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Clean Living Magazine, published by the Clean Living Founder Collective, is here to help you live a cleaner, healthier life. Join us for conversations with innovative clean beauty and lifestyle founders, featuring behind-the-scenes stories and life advice from seasoned professionals living a cleaner life. Clean Living Magazine is available on international newsstands, reaching readers in over 50 countries!

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