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Welcome to the Clean Living Founder's Collective, At the Clean Living Founder Collective, we empower women through a thriving community of business connections. Our supportive ecosystem for female founders amplifies their mission in the clean and sustainable living industry through organic PR and media placement. We provide opportunities to thrive, including members-only events, partnerships, exotic founder retreats, group strategy calls, and more!

Are you ready to take your clean beauty startup to the next level while making a meaningful impact?  

It's about empowerment, community, and connection!

"I knew I wanted to be here to learn and connect on a deeper level." 

- Simi Khanna formulator and skincare founder at Simi Beauty

Collective Events

community, empowerment, connection, and opportunity for female founders

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The Clean Living Founder's Collective hosts regular events centered on connecting & empowering women in the clean living industry.

Our Collective-exclusive events in the Bay Area (and beyond!) are for collective members to connect with other high-level brands, learn from experts in their fields, and have a great time with some amazing women!

Our Exclusive Events Focus on Brand Exposure, Connection, and Growth

“Every founder needs a group like this in their space, to share ideas and resources, to support one another with a shared passion for clean living.”

- Salome Sallehy | founder at Sugarsugar wax

My Why

This Collective is everything I wish I had when I entered the clean beauty industry after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Until I cultivated a community through my Podcast and Events, I was empty and very isolated. Now I'm jet setting and thriving. 

In today's culture, there is a lack of resources and support specifically tailored to female founders, particularly those in the clean beauty sector. Many women with brilliant ideas struggle to gain visibility, access education, and navigate the complex landscape of networking effectively. 

The Clean Living Founder's Collective is the solution to all these challenges and more. Offering a comprehensive strategy that not only connects female founders with each other but also provides access to PR experts, mentors, and resources to help you grow your businesses sustainably.

 By joining the collective, you will leverage a vast network, gain visibility through strategic PR campaigns, and build strong, lasting relationships within the industry.

Cassandra McClure

  • Clean Living Community: We provide a supportive community where female founders can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. We are based in California but travel within the US for events regularly. Through networking events, workshops, and online forums, members share experiences, insights, and resources to help each other succeed.

  • Clean Living Connect: We connect you with our trusted cohort of industry experts, ranging from venture capitalists (VCs), photographers, makeup artists, publicists, web designers, reporters, influencers, formulators, chemists, to suppliers.

  • Clean Living PR: We offer various platforms and marketing channels for founders to showcase their products and stories, including social media features, magazines, books, and industry events. Through our collective marketing efforts, members can reach new audiences and increase brand awareness.

  • Clean Living VIP: We provide complimentary VIP tickets to all our connect meetings, mixers and celebrity-studded events. We personally introduce you to expert members of the community with educational discussions and solutions.

  • Clean Living Retreat: Invitation to the annual Clean Living Founders Retreat to connect with like-minded women in the community. Relax, retreat and indulge in a transformative, healing experience that will replenish your mind, body and business!

The Clean Living Founder's Collective Features:

What my clients have to say:

"Cassandra is such a great partner and brings forward relevant opportunities for brands that create buzz,” says Karen Behnke, founder of Juice Beauty. “We admire her leadership in the clean beauty movement.” 

- quoted in a 2024 Forbes article

Joanne Starkman, founder and president of Innersense Organic Beauty , says, “Putting it in numbers, thanks to Cassandra, our consumer event attendance increased by 350% over the prior year, expanding our natural and clean hair brand reach." 

- quoted in a 2024 Forbes article

Sharing my wisdom to empower women for lasting success.

We've met so you've experienced how I work. You may have heard that I built my career by fostering relationships, taking risks and setting trends. And it's true!  

With over a decade of experience, I went from a struggling makeup artist to sought-after speaker, event host and brand strategist to some of the most iconic clean beauty brands in the world (Hello Juice Beauty!) 

I believe that empowering women in business is not just a mission; it's a passion. The Collective was designed to supporting aspiring and established female entrepreneurs like you, who are shaping the future of the clean beauty industry.

As a member of our community, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and tailored education designed to accelerate your business growth. By joining our collective, you'll not only elevate your business but also contribute to a larger movement of empowering women in the entrepreneurial landscape. Together, we can redefine industry standards, champion sustainability, and inspire positive change.





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"I didn't understand how important it was for women to be connected and we are up against the world together and it feels amazing." 

-  Brittany Ruby, Member since 2020

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Kick-Off Strategy Sesh

30 minute video call to brain-dump your ideas, dreams, and business questions on me!

Founder Perks

After joining you'll be set up for success with a connect call. You'll then get introductions to key contacts and resources to grow and elevate your business in 2024! 

Don't be fooled, this is work. You will get out what you put in.


You'll be added to the list for all our upcoming events, classes and private mixers.

Monthly Coaching Call 

This optional 50-min monthly call or in-person meeting will keep you moving towards your goals and on track to reach your them.  ($1000 value)

Your 'BIZ BFF' access

For the duration of the program, you'll have private access to me during business hours where we can send voice messages (whatsapp, iMessage). No more feeling alone and lost with day-to-day business decisions.

Vegan Beauty Founder Collective, Cassandra McClure debut at Vegan Women Summit 2024

"It's truly amazing to see women together falling in love with each other and it's cool to see people that are very like minded but different." 

-Kate Fish, founder, Katari Skincare

"Empowering Women in Clean Beauty: Cassandra McClure Launches the Clean Beauty Collective Program"

clean beauty founders collective making headlines!

"In a forward-thinking move, Cassandra McClure introduces the Clean Beauty Collective – a transformative initiative aimed at connecting and empowering female founders in the clean and sustainable beauty industry. More than just a program, it’s a community, a support system, and a platform to foster lasting connections.

In today’s culture, female founders in the clean beauty sector often struggle with limited resources, a lack of tailored support, and navigating the complexities of effective networking. The Clean Beauty Founder Collective aims to bridge these gaps, offering a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond traditional networking".

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As a member of The Clean Living Founder's Collective, the $5000 event fee is waived. 

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